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International Student Center

Dekalb County Schools

Student Chromebook Distribution

Student Chromebook Distribution

If your student has not been issued a DCSD Chromebook and needs a device, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  The following DCSD User Agreement must be completed for each student requesting a device (no student will be issued a device until this form is completed and  received). 

The DCSD User Agreement form can be found here: 

Translated versions of the User Agreement forms are attached on these links Spanish, Swahili, French, Burmese, Amharic (these can't be submitted online but will need to be completed and brought in during your selected/scheduled appointment time). 

Step 2:  Chromebook distribution appointments will begin soon. Parents will receive a call once the school has received the student Chromebooks and a completed DCSD USer Agreement form has been submitted and received.