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About Us

 The mission of the DeKalb International Student Center is to teach English to non-English speaking students. We serve students in grades three through twelve in two programs: LAB and Intensive English.

The students attending the Intensive English program come to the International Student Center for just a short time, usually about one semester. Intensive English students come to the International Center to learn the English – both academic and social – they need to be successful in their home school.

The students attending the LAB program stay with us for up to two years to learn to speak, read and write in English, across all content areas to support their futuer success in their neighborhood high schools.

The DeKalb International Student Center

* Provides quality English Language instruction that yields effective school behavior for academic and social skills.

* Assesses students at their functional level.

* Respects, recognizes, and accepts cultural diversity and universal human rights.

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